Employee relations strategy pdf

Hospersa, a Union of more than 60 health workers in the public and private healthcare sector and the largest Union at Netcare St Augustine Hospital has called on its members to refuse to work where Personal Protective Equipment PPE is not supplied. Insurance group Old Mutual is providing R4bn worth of free cover for thehealthcare workers on the front-lines of the Covid outbreak. Acclaimed epidemiologist Prof Salim Abdool Karim will lead an investigation into the outbreak of the coronavirus at St Augustine's hospital in Durban.

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employee relations strategy pdf

Contact us Advertise on HR Pulse. Dismissal Resignations Retirement Retrenchments. About Guides FAQs. Profile cyan deepblue default green lime orange pink red frew. Mega Css Dropline Split. Apply Reset. Editor's picks. Employers - What are your options during lockdown? COVID has forced all sectors of business and society to re-evaluate tried and trusted systems. Recruitment procedures are no different. While there is a lot of uncertainty during this lockdown period, one factor remains consistent — business cannot come to a complete stop Read More.

Unprecedented digital dependency has created Countries, cities, businesses and schools across the world face quarantine and closures, in the wake of COVID While this global panic will doubtless have far-reaching economic consequences, the need to remain in touch, engaged and in communication with the world remains The challenges organisational leaders face in implementing security strategies. Panic is a close second to Covid What does life after lockdown look like for business?

Read More Old Mutual provides R4bn in free insurance coverage tohealth-care workers by HR Pulse News Desk, 9 Apr Insurance group Old Mutual is providing R4bn worth of free cover for thehealthcare workers on the front-lines of the Covid outbreak.

HR Pulse,06 April. Security, and particularly internal security, is vital to the wellbeing of any organisation and industry HR Pulse,01 April. It is understandable that business owners feel panicky because of the toll Corona is taking on business Africorp, 04 July.For the organization to perform better it is important that the employees are comfortable with each other, share a good rapport and work in close coordination towards a common objective.

People feel responsible and motivated to do good work and enjoy their work rather than taking it as a burden. It is important that the management promotes healthy employee relations at workplace to extract the best out of each individual.

Competition is essential but it should not promote negativity or any kind of enmity among the employees. Let us go through some steps and strategies for a healthy employee relationship in the organization. Involve your team members: They should feel important and indispensable for the organization. An individual must be assigned responsibilities according to their interests and responsibilities. Let them willingly accept challenges. They must enjoy whatever they do otherwise they would end up fighting with their superiors and fellow workers.

Encourage individuals to share their work with each other: This way people tend to talk with each other more, discuss things among themselves and thus the comfort level increases. Let them work together and take decisions on their own. A team leader should intervene only in extreme cases of conflicts and severe misunderstandings.

Assign them targets and ask all your team members to contribute equally and achieve the target within the desired time frame. Motivate them to work in groups. An employee must have the liberty to express his ideas and all of them should sit together to decide on something which would be beneficial to all.

One should try his level best that all the employees must have their lunch together at the same time. Half an hour to fourty five minutes must be dedicated to lunch and one should not discuss work during lunch time.

There are other topics as well. Discuss movies, sports, shopping or any other thing under the sun. There will be no harm if the employees go out together once in a while for get togethers, picnics or shopping. Ask them to bring their family members as well.

Encourage effective communication among the team members. It has been observed that poor communication leads to confusions and misunderstandings. The communication has to be precise and relevant. One should not play with words and be very specific about his expectations from his fellow workers as well as the organization.

Voice your opinion and do express your displeasure.

How to Measure Your Employee Relations Strategy: 16 Employee Engagement KPIs

It will definitely prevent a conflict among employees later and improve the relations among them. Be straightforward. If you find anything unacceptable, discuss with your superior but in a polite way. Written modes of communication must be promoted among the employees for better transparency.

Verbal communication is not as reliable as written communication. The agendas, minutes of the meeting, important issues must be circulated among all through emails. Make sure that all the related employees are in the loop.Check out our blog for the latest employee relations and workplace investigations insights, trends, and news. From the MeToo movement to best practices and personal anecdotes from the field, the HR Acuity blog is here to help you stay in the know on all things employee relations.

Every organization is aware it needs a solid employee relations strategy. But there are few people who can give you solid guidance on exactly how to DO that. Building a strong strategy involves creating an environment that delivers what people want now or in the near future.

Your employees want to feel good about who they are, what they do and where they work. And you want to feel good about productivity, overall performance and the emerging leaders in your organization. Now before you start getting frustrated about just how much you need to kowtow to employee needs, keep the bottom line in mind. For now, take my word for it.

Employee relations is important. Our four key employee relations needs are culture, communication, compensation, and complaints. Employees need to feel good about what they do and where they do it. Decide with your team what values really represent your company and then make them as transparent as possible. Hopefully, these align with the majority of your employees. Put measures in place so people can be recognized and applauded when they live up to those values.

It should go without saying that leadership is the most beholden to this cultural code. Build a simple PowerPoint with easy-to-understand statements to disseminate to your employees.

The 4 Pillars Of Employee Relations

If you can, make it public so it can be part of your talent acquisition process. What does your newly implemented employee relations strategy do to ensure this happens? Instead of just communicating TO employees, ensure there are flexible ways for employees to communicate back — the good, the bad and, yes, the ugly. This also ties to how quickly and how often your employee relations team this might be your HR professional, line managers, supervisors, etc responds to both positive and negative employee situations.

How: Create templates with a lexicon of words, easy to implement processes, terms and dates that every ER team member understands and can commit to and every employee comes to expect. Employees need to feel valued for the job they are doing. People who are paid at industry standard, or slightly above, feel better about their jobs than those who receive less than market rate for the same work obviously.

And while this is rarely an easy decision to get by the CFO, it still does matter a whole lot in the long run. You can check sites like Glassdoor and even the job ads of competitive firms to discover whether you are leading or lagging when it comes to compensation.

How: This will vary from organization to organization, but some common ways to compensate individuals more without spending too much additional cash include work flex hours, job sharing options and departmental consolidation of repetitive tasks or skill silos.

Employees need to feel good about how they are treated. Notice I put this point last. A strong employee relations strategy has little to do with managing complaints but more about everything you are doing to create a positive work environment see points 1 through 3 above.

Part of being able to resolve these thorny issues and even diffuse them ahead of time is what keeps HR close to the executive powers that be.Check out our blog for the latest employee relations and workplace investigations insights, trends, and news. From the MeToo movement to best practices and personal anecdotes from the field, the HR Acuity blog is here to help you stay in the know on all things employee relations.

By contingent workers, the Report is referring to freelancers, temps, part-time workers, contractors and other specialists who do not have full-time employment status and are hired for limited engagements. They are sometimes nicknamed the Pajama Workforce, because often these employees are working remotely from home.

So, what happens when employees are no longer working in the office, are contingent or their contracts are short-lived? Employee-related event risk presents a whole new set of challenges. If the Intuit projection is correct, employees will continue to take advantage of the mobility that technology affords in pursuit of work life balance, and employers will accommodate them while benefiting from the cost-savings of more contingent workers.

A mobile workforce requires portable company files, data storage and access to information in the Cloud. Contrast the power and mobility afforded by technology with more traditional employee roles such as a bookkeeper, for example, that once sat in an office, entered receipts and reconciled the accounts.

Modern bookkeepers are probably on QuickBooks Onlineswing by the office to pick up a stack of receipts to enter and send Income Statements and Balance Sheets by email. With important company information such as financials no longer limited to technology platforms within the office, it is more important than ever to ensure that any freelancers accessing company data sign independent contractor agreements with confidentiality provisions. Part-time workers must similarly be required to sign nondisclosure documentation and follow company protocol, similar to full-time employees.

employee relations strategy pdf

There must be a designated policy specifying when and how access to confidential company information terminates, and any breach or misuse of company data must be promptly investigated and documented as it would be for full-time employees.

Within certain parameters, employers do have the right to monitor employee emails. In City of Ontario California v. Quonthe U. Supreme Court sided with an employer that read private employee communications while the employee was in the line of duty. The employer was trying to analyze data usage overages, and therefore, was deemed to have a legitimate business intent in looking at the private communications.

Inadvertently, the employer discovered employee misconduct in the form of explicit texts that were not work related. To manage employee communications with off-site independent contractors or remote employees, companies should:. One of the hurdles of managing remote employees or independent contractors is figuring out whether they are actually working the amount of hours they are billing or even whether they are working at all.

If a freelancer bills for 5 hours and notes certain times, suppose s he actually began that work half an hour late? Contrast that predicament to the simplicity of assessing persistent tardiness or absenteeism in a more traditional office, which may even have a timeclock. As explained in Labor Laws on Latenessan employer can terminate an employee for consistent lateness or absences which are both forms of misconduct, but how would an employer identify these types of behaviors when a telecommuting employee or freelancer is not physically in the office?Reading time : 6mins.


This is detrimental to the company as when an employee has a bad relationship with their manager, either founded in fear or lack of trust, they risk becoming disengaged. Much of the time, many of these issues can be resolved through the antidote of proper communication. Nicely Done! By clicking, you consent to receive culture and engagement communications from Officevibe.

Employee relations, known historically as industrial relations, is concerned with the contractual, emotional, physical and practical relationship between employer and employee. Essentially, it alludes to the relationship between manager and employee, and it can either be one that is founded in mutual respect, appreciation, and trust, or fear and lack of transparency.

Employee relations also references the efforts that a company makes, typically an HR department to manage the relationships between managers and employees. A good employees relation program ensures that all employees are treated fairly, helps to strengthen relationships between employee and managers, and help to remediate problems that surface between them.

Having good employee relations is crucial to every company, as when employees and managers share a positive relationshipemployee engagement, productivity, motivation and morale are high. Employees who get along with their manager and enjoy rather than feel anxious about going to work in the morning have a better overall work experience. Happy employees work harder, produce better work, and ultimately keep the customer happy and the business thriving.

In any relationship, communication is the key. Let your team know that you are there to talk about their work or anything else they need, and be as transparent with them as possible about what you need from them. One way to keep a constant pulse on how your team is feeling is to conduct simple weekly surveys that allow employees to submit anonymous feedback.

Appreciation and gratitude mean so much to your employees, and the truth is that reinforcing good work is what is inspires them to keep it up. Giving public praise is another great way to show recognition. Rewarding your team properly is what cultivates a culture of appreciation between employee and manager, ultimately inspiring your employees to continue to work hard for you and the company. Offering frequent feedback to your employees on their great work and constructive criticism on where they can improve is essential in nurturing a positive relationship with your team.

Employees want feedback, they want to learn and grow and improve. Providing them with the tips and guidance they need to get there by holding frequent feedback sessions like monthly one-on-ones, will be highly appreciated.After you enable Flash, refresh this page and the presentation should play.

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9+ HR Strategic Plan Templates – PDF

Help Preferences Sign up Log in. To view this presentation, you'll need to allow Flash. Click to allow Flash After you enable Flash, refresh this page and the presentation should play. View by Category Toggle navigation. Products Sold on our sister site CrystalGraphics. Title: Employee Relations. BB has experienced a renaissance and is now being used to improve productivity, Provided by: profdrmoha.

Tags: employee relations. Latest Highest Rated. Employee Relations 1 The wave of downsizings and layoffs that dominated business and industry worldwide after the high-tech-bubble burst in the early years of the 21st century 2. The widening gulf between the pay of senior officers and common workers is another reason why organizations must be sensitive to employee communications 6 1 Employee Relations 3. There is no such thing as lifetime employment The notion of job stability has disappeared Most employees no longer expect cradle-to-grave employment The name of the game today is job mobility Consequently, employee trust was at an all-time low 4.

Respect 2. Honest feedback 3. Recognition 4. A voice 5. Encouragement 12 3 Communicating Effectively in a sea of Doubt 1. Respect Employees must be respected for their worth as individuals and their value as workers 13 3 Communicating Effectively in a sea of Doubt 2.

Honest feedback By talking to workers about their strengths and weakness, employees know where they stand 14 3 Communicating Effectively in a sea of Doubt 3. Recognition Employees feel successful when management recognizes their contributions It is the duty of the public relations professional to suggest mechanisms by which deserving employees will be honored 15 3 Communicating Effectively in a sea of Doubt 4.

A voice employees want their ideas to be heard and to have a voice in decision making 16 3 Communicating Effectively in a sea of Doubt 5. Encouragement benefits and money motivate employees up to point, but that something else is generally necessary This something else is encouragement 17 3 Communicating Effectively in a sea of Doubt According to Milton Moskowitz, coauthor of The Best Companies to Work for in America, six criteria are important 1.

Willingness to express dissent. Employees want to be able to feed back to management their opinions and even dissent 2. Visibility and proximity of upper management. Enlightened companies try to level rank distinctions, eliminating such status reminders as executives cafeterias They act against hierarchical separation 18 3 Communicating Effectively in a sea of Doubt 3. Priority of internal o external communication.

Employees want to be able to feed back to management their opinions and even dissent 4. Attention to clarity.Cancel my subscriptions. Don't cancel my subscriptions.

In order to receive our emails, you must expressly agree. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails. Once you've accepted, then you will be able to choose which emails to receive from each site. Some employers have found benefits in having a third party provide employee support for routine questions on areas such as benefits, payroll, and employee onboarding. Employee Relations is not just a term, nor it only means relationships between employers and employees.

Spokespeople for Slack, LinkedIn and Anthem said their companies have encouraged employees to give feedback. Yeah, WSJ, we asked some employees that don't hate us to do some reviews. We know that one of the most effective ways to recruit is using employee referral programs. Last year, SilkRoad reported that employee referrals in the U. So we agree — employee referrals are important to our overall recruitment efforts.

Employees want to see how their work impacts the organization and customers. There was a time when common knowledge would tell you that the best way to motivate and retain your employees was to give them a fat paycheck.

Top experts say more and more employers are recognising and capitalising on the unique differences among their staff to create a better employee experience. Companies need to be cognizant of this and define for employees what professional means.

It should be explained to new hires and reinforced in employee programs.

employee relations strategy pdf

Traditional methods of employee engagement are flawed. CEO Aron Ain encourages employees to innovate the company out of business. I'm on the record as saying you ought to get engaged with Glassdoor and figure out how to be more of a marketer with sites that include employee reviews.

The biggest challenge with accuracy is related to the match with your specific job. Employees are an integral part of any organization- small or large. And the only way to ensure these three elements to a great extent is when you promote employee value proposition to an organization.

The Cheesecake Factory is a great example of a company in a highly competitive industry that is realizing success by drawing a connection between their culture and their bottom-line.

The CEO of our company has hired his daughter in the marketing department as a part-time employee. For examplecompanies will abolish meetings on Tuesdays. Those regularly scheduled department meetings are a perfect example. HR, and managers more generally, can still be guilty of apathy and confusion — essentially seeing whistleblowing employees as troublemakers who are just trying to assert their own personal agendas, acting in ways that ultimately could make their employment untenable by questioning practices and the authority that has allowed them to happen.

Employees are wholly entitled to speak out when they have grounds to blow the whistle. Often, people get wrapped up in turf wars which are destructive to both sides, rather than trying to figure out roles for both sides and create a win-win employee situation. This plan gives you an example on how to prepare and implement an employment equity plan across your organisation.

Here are 5 takeaways from the panel discussion that really got me thinking: Give employees a single source for learning. One company discovered their employees were searching Google to find the answers to their questions.

VHND2411A Employee Relations Strategy

Let employees see training evaluations. Under the Act, to be exempt from overtimean employee must meet 3 requirements: The employee must be paid a minimum weekly salary; The employee must be paid on a salary rather than on an hourly basis.


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